Sensible Logic S.r.l. is an academic spin off company born to industrially apply, develop and exploit the tremendous potential of the Semantic Web technologies and in particular of the research developed at the Semantic Web and Multimedia Group, Università Politecnica delle Marche. Among the assets, Sensible Logics handles the codebase of the the DBin Rich Semantic Web platform and the MPEG-7 audio DB and encoder.
To pursue this target, Sensible Logic is composed by leading researchers in the Semantic Web and Multimedia fields but is also participated by a strong industrial partner Imola, with over 20 years of expertise in consultation and skill transfer, along side its clients in the realization of mission critical projects. Imola provides highly qualified experts, and has accumulated decisive experience in the financial, local government and industrial sectors. In particular, Imola assists Sensible Logic by providing aspects totally needed in delivering industrial strength software. In particular Imola expertise covers Methodologies for the management of the project process such as , for example, techniques for software process improvement, engineering of the requirements, technical revision of the software, risk management, software measurement and post-project revision methods.
Sensible Logic is also participated by experts from, a company whose core business is the development of Open Source and Free Software applications supporting scientific projects, especially in the context of the IST program.
Unveiled just recently, the highly innovative Sensible Logic DBin platform already been invited for presentation at the top level research meeting such as the W3C Plenary Tech (March 2006) and the Word Wide Web conference (May 2006) and is the key technology in a number of upcoming IST and national projects (E.G. the Discovery project in the eContentPlus framework).


Francesco Piazza is full professor, he is author or coauthor of more than 150 international papers. His research interests are in the areas of circuit theory and digital signal processing including adaptive DSP algorithms and circuits, artificial neural networks, speech and audio processing. Within the activity in the SeMedia group, his interests currently include information technologies and bridging of audio semantics to the Semantic Web.

Paolo Puliti is an associate professor of informatics, specialized in web technologies and software engineering. Further interest include distributed computing and security issues. He coauthored works on Semantic Web P2P, Semantic Web Trust as well as Works on Robotics, AI, and formal logics.

Giovanni Tummarello*, Ph.D. He has over15 years of experience in scientific and commercial software development. He is a author of several papers with topics ranging from Semantic Web P2P, Semantic Web Trust, Visualization, Mpeg-7 and Multimedia Metadata, Neural networks and Signal Processing.

Christian Morbidoni, Ph.D candidate is experienced in Java programming, Semantic Web languages and ontology engineering. He is one of the main developers of the DBin project and Mpeg7AudioDb as well as coauthor of the publications made by SeMedia group in last two years.

Claudio Bergamini received a degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy, in 1983. He is founder and CEO of Imola Informatica, a consulting company established in 1983. He is a trainer in Software Project Management and Software Development (methodology, design, implementation, software architectures and programming languages), and he was Project Manager in more than 50 projects.

Michele Barbera leads the Net7 R&D department, he plays a key role integrating software development with technological innovations, human resources management and public relations. His research interests include Semantic Web, digital libraries and humanities computing. He is the author of papers published in international journals and presented his work in several international conferences.

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