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We have always been working on IT architectures and SOA is the architectural philosophy that today seems to be agreed and supported by everyone.

We started to deal with SOA some years ago (in 2003) and since then we have been working to convince the customers that this one is the philosophy to follow in information systems evolution.

We have various SOA Roadmap going on.

From a technological point of view we are particulary working on Enterprise Service Bus e JBI.

We have also decided to contribute in standard growth by publishing two connectors in open source community: Jbi4Cics e Jbi4Corba, designed and managed by Raffaele Spazzoli.

They are two standard ServiceMix standard components.

Apache ServiceMix is an open source distributed ESB 
built from the ground up on the  Java Business Integration (JBI) 
specification JSR 208 and released under the Apache license.

21st Marzo 2007 Announce

After quite a one-years long work we can make public thetechnical collaboration betwen Gruppoimola and Sun Microsystem in SOA field. .
This is the announce of the jbi4corba e jbi4cics by us developed connectors that will be included in next Open-ESB and NetBeans Enterprise starting from the next beta-version. It will be released in April and will also contain plugin and wizard to the use, in Sun environment, of the by us developed JBI Binding Components.
These components are described in Open-ESB web site], CORBA BC and CICS BC.

This collaboration has let us to became


Components will be publicly disclosed on the JavaOne.

This is a great award for the hard work performed by Raffaele Spazzoli, Marco Piraccini, Marco Cimatti, Mirco Casoni and Amedeo Cannone, JBI-BC Team members.

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